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"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an impact you've made over the course of the last year. Choosing to use your SEO (Valuable Traffic Generation) services has aided in our tremendous success this year and I can say I honestly don't know what I would have done without the help of your staff. They have been responsive, flexible, and have definitely demonstrated the ability to get the job done.

One of the best case studies I have is for one of the clients you have helped us with. I wanted to share some of the results with you and your readers in case anyone had any question about the quality of real results that you provide.

A couple weeks ago when Google Analytics introduced advanced segmentation I decided to create a segment showing how non-brand related organic traffic has grown throughout the year. I think that the non-brand related traffic is telling because almost all of it is attributable to the work your team did.

Remarkable in itself, of course it begs the question: Does this traffic convert into new business? I developed this second report which shows that the conversion rate remained steadily positive throughout. The orange line is the conversion rate from non brand related traffic. In my opinion this demonstrates the inarguable value of the service and reinforces your statement about producing valuable traffic rather than just rankings.

Beyond all of that I wanted to point out that the personal advice you've given me on multiple occasions has helped to shape my professional development and the way I think about my personal web presence and the web as a whole. Everything you've suggested has paid off more than I would have imagined and I really believe that the web would be a much better place if more people brought the integrity to their work that you bring to yours.

I hope that you continue to be wildly successful this year and continue spread that success to everyone you touch. It has been a great adjunct to my Adwords marketing efforts and I hope that you will turn to me any time you need a referral or a recommendation because I couldn't be happier with the way your services continue to improve. "

Eric Werner

"I joined the first WSO. So far I am extremely impressed with the service. Although early, Bob and his staff have me on the right path to increased traffic and profits.

My best site was a cluttered mess. They have redesigned the site and it looks fantastic. The design is so much cleaner. Not only does it look better, navigation of it is so smooth.

I'm not affiliated with them, just wanted to inform those struggling I feel this service will definitely get you on the right path."

Adam Jackson
"I will give you a honest opinion of my thoughts so far regarding you and your team's services.

Having outsourced many web related tasks over the last year or so, both in the UK and abroad, my main problem has always been in finding someone or a company that actually delivers what they promise. Many people fail to deliver even the most simple tasks.

So it is a refreshing change to not only find a company that is responsive and can deliver what they say. But who also gives good solid advice on achieving targets and goals.

If you and your team carry on the way it has so far, I can see we will have a long and hopefully very profitable relationship :-)"

Steven Magill

"I just want to chime in here and vouch for Techndu from a customer standpoint. I have been using them for an SEO project for several months now and am VERY happy with the results. My site has skyrocketed in Google to #3 for "real estate video" and #1 for "real estate video tours". These are the EXACT keywords I hired them to get me ranked for.

And like Bob mentioned, this is just one area they can help you with.

I've known "The Guru" for several years now and know he is a man of integrity, but integrity aside, we are all in this business for results. And you just can't beat results like that. 'Nuff said."

Shawn Pringle
"Excellent-quality work delivered fast, perfectly done, trust worthy and EXCELLENT interpersonal skills. I appreciate the time and effort in completing this project."

"What a fabulous group of professionals to work with! They continue to exceed my expectations. The communication has been extraordinary and the level of service impeccable. One night in particular this fine staff turned their cars around at 1am in the morning to make sure my site was ready for a presentation I was giving. I don't know what I would do without this fabulous group! Do NOT hesitate in using them, they will not disappoint you."

Will Kocher
"Very nice to work with, excellent communication. Excellent Job. Got it right on the first draft."

Custom Design
"A happy New year to you all Bob and team. You did some great work in 2008 and helped me with projects. I hope we can all have some success in 2009 and make it a busy and prosperous year for all of us. I look forward to working with you on new projects this year. Thanks for your help and support!"

Adil Sheikh
Portal Specialist
"They were excellent to work with - completely understood my requirements and built a system that worked the first time. Took extra time to make it look nice as well - will definitely work with them again."

Rachel Honoway
"Good work, project did everything asked, and completed as requested, took a lot longer than we both thought, mostly my fault, (and i was on holiday for a week)."


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Techndu - Methodology
Professional Web Design & Layout
We believe that the biggest factors that hold back a website is poor design.  We can do a lot of things to improve the visibility and functionality of any site, but without a solid design everything will be less effective and an uphill struggle.

Any website has to be clean, appealing to the eye, fast to load and easy to navigate. It can have no broken links, graphics, scripts or programs. Everything on a page should have a reason for being there and if it does not work properly, it needs to be fixed or removed before moving forward.

From there you need someone with the ability to understand each client’s business model and objectives. THAT is most important because conversions are all that really matter and with a design that looks and feels right for the job. Your image is greatly improved, trust is established in seconds and those conversions come much easier...
Graphics / Animated Logo / Ad Creation
There is more to creating an effective ad than just a catchy phrase. The ad has to say and look right for the specific placement and purpose.

We offer quick turnaround and a knack for knowing how to say the right thing in the right place. Give us your idea and we will make it come alive.
Custom Scripting
PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Ajax, C++, Perl, etc. Whether you need a script installed and tested, or an application written from the ground up, we will get the job done on time.

We don’t believe there are any small jobs, only less time involved with some projects than others. We have seen the entire world changed with simple applications that didn’t take long to code.

Of course, there is no way to tell how long a scripting job will take until you give us the objective, but once you do, we will provide you with a complete design document explaining what we will do, how we will do it and how long it will take.
Database Driven Solutions
We really shine in this department. We are knowledgeable in several platforms (naturally we love MYSQL), and are fast and efficient. Fast and efficient = lower cost!
Server Maintenance & Security
Phishing, hacking, and people re-directing your site to their sites. All these things and more pose a real threat to your success. Most hosts advertise their security measures but our experience has been that few services actually do much to protect you or back up your data (if your host claims to be backing up your data, have you ever tested it? I suggest you do so you aren’t “surprised” when the worst happens).
We’ve been there and know what you mean when you say you want EVERYTHING backed up. We know how to install a wide range of security measures to keep you secure and we also have the resources to recover data if the worst does happen.

We’ve been there and know what you mean when you say you want EVERYTHING backed up. We know how to install a wide range of security measures to keep you secure and we also have the resources to recover data if the worst does happen.

We know how to provide redundancy, load balancing, traffic distribution based on DNS and more. We can move your servers without any loss of data. We can set up backup systems that guarantee absolutely no loss of data and guarantee no more than a few minutes of downtime at most. This is crucial to affiliate programs and systems that need to store sensitive data.

And while we’re talking about security, we are completely comfortable with signing your non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), giving you intellectual property rights to your ideas. We are not in this business to steal your ideas. We are in this business to empower you to succeed with your ideas and keep you as a client for the long term.
Content Management Systems
From Joomla to custom installs or solutions, we can make growing a small site into a large one or running an existing large site a lot easier to update and control, securely.
System Integrations
We know how frustrating it is to solve one problem only to create two more. If we don't already know your existing systems and platforms, we will take the time to learn BEFORE we install anything new. We always test on our own servers with software that matches yours BEFORE we install anything onto your server.
Complete Web 2.0 Solutions
Whether you just need a simple script to offer video hosting or you want to build another Facebook or MySpace, we can handle it. We have extensive knowledge of blogging software, RSS, video uploading, flash, AVI, web page builders, file sharing apps and more.
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