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SEO - Testimonials
"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an impact you've made over the course of the last year. Choosing to use your SEO (Valuable Traffic Generation) services has aided in our tremendous success this year and I can say I honestly don't know what I would have done without the help of your staff. They have been responsive, flexible, and have definitely demonstrated the ability to get the job done.

One of the best case studies I have is for one of the clients you have helped us with. I wanted to share some of the results with you and your readers in case anyone had any question about the quality of real results that you provide.

A couple weeks ago when Google Analytics introduced advanced segmentation I decided to create a segment showing how non-brand related organic traffic has grown throughout the year. I think that the non-brand related traffic is telling because almost all of it is attributable to the work your team did.

Remarkable in itself, of course it begs the question: Does this traffic convert into new business? I developed this second report which shows that the conversion rate remained steadily positive throughout. The orange line is the conversion rate from non brand related traffic. In my opinion this demonstrates the inarguable value of the service and reinforces your statement about producing valuable traffic rather than just rankings.

Beyond all of that I wanted to point out that the personal advice you've given me on multiple occasions has helped to shape my professional development and the way I think about my personal web presence and the web as a whole. Everything you've suggested has paid off more than I would have imagined and I really believe that the web would be a much better place if more people brought the integrity to their work that you bring to yours.

I hope that you continue to be wildly successful this year and continue spread that success to everyone you touch. It has been a great adjunct to my Adwords marketing efforts and I hope that you will turn to me any time you need a referral or a recommendation because I couldn't be happier with the way your services continue to improve. "

Eric Werner

"I joined the first WSO. So far I am extremely impressed with the service. Although early, Bob and his staff have me on the right path to increased traffic and profits.

My best site was a cluttered mess. They have redesigned the site and it looks fantastic. The design is so much cleaner. Not only does it look better, navigation of it is so smooth.

I'm not affiliated with them, just wanted to inform those struggling I feel this service will definitely get you on the right path."

Adam Jackson
"I will give you a honest opinion of my thoughts so far regarding you and your team's services.

Having outsourced many web related tasks over the last year or so, both in the UK and abroad, my main problem has always been in finding someone or a company that actually delivers what they promise. Many people fail to deliver even the most simple tasks.

So it is a refreshing change to not only find a company that is responsive and can deliver what they say. But who also gives good solid advice on achieving targets and goals.

If you and your team carry on the way it has so far, I can see we will have a long and hopefully very profitable relationship :-)"

Steven Magill

"I just want to chime in here and vouch for Techndu from a customer standpoint. I have been using them for an SEO project for several months now and am VERY happy with the results. My site has skyrocketed in Google to #3 for "real estate video" and #1 for "real estate video tours". These are the EXACT keywords I hired them to get me ranked for.

And like Bob mentioned, this is just one area they can help you with.

I've known "The Guru" for several years now and know he is a man of integrity, but integrity aside, we are all in this business for results. And you just can't beat results like that. 'Nuff said."

Shawn Pringle
"Excellent-quality work delivered fast, perfectly done, trust worthy and EXCELLENT interpersonal skills. I appreciate the time and effort in completing this project."

"What a fabulous group of professionals to work with! They continue to exceed my expectations. The communication has been extraordinary and the level of service impeccable. One night in particular this fine staff turned their cars around at 1am in the morning to make sure my site was ready for a presentation I was giving. I don't know what I would do without this fabulous group! Do NOT hesitate in using them, they will not disappoint you."

Will Kocher
"Very nice to work with, excellent communication. Excellent Job. Got it right on the first draft."

Custom Design
"A happy New year to you all Bob and team. You did some great work in 2008 and helped me with projects. I hope we can all have some success in 2009 and make it a busy and prosperous year for all of us. I look forward to working with you on new projects this year. Thanks for your help and support!"

Adil Sheikh
Portal Specialist
"They were excellent to work with - completely understood my requirements and built a system that worked the first time. Took extra time to make it look nice as well - will definitely work with them again."

Rachel Honoway
"Good work, project did everything asked, and completed as requested, took a lot longer than we both thought, mostly my fault, (and i was on holiday for a week)."


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Techndu - SEO Services
We provide search engine optimization services for small to mid-sized businesses interested in expanding their companies' growth potential with more online visitor traffic.
  Reputation Management
  Search Engine Optimization
  SEO Packages & Rates
  Social Media Optimization
  Visitor Tracking Analysis
  ROI/ Lead Conversion
  Pay Per Click
Enterprise Solutions
Whether you just need us to set up an order form or you need a database driven shopping cart integrated into your existing system, we can handle the job.
Guaranteed Results SEO
We do not guarantee a #1 on Google for every keyword you can think of, BUT, we do guarantee that we will produce verifiable results that you can see for yourself very quickly. Our goal is to generate an ever increasing number of visitors to your site that convert to actual paying customers. To get customers to your site you need superior placement in major engines so that people who are looking for your services can find you. It's all about ROI!

We have been in involved with the SEO industry since 1996 and we know what it takes. We don't waste our time trying to secure first page placements for keywords that no one is going to search for. We also don't try to impress you with hundreds of worthless links from worthless websites.

In today's search marketing environment it is all about getting quality content linked to from trusted sites. We know how to tell the good from the bad, and we have the manpower to secure the right link, saying the right thing from the right site. It works and we'll prove it.

We have a pretty good knack for linkbating too.
Directory Submissions
If you feel like you can be successful paying $199 to someone to submit your site to thousands of directories, then be our guest.

Smart marketers realize that there are good directories and bad. Bad directories can actually do you more harm than good.

The trick is in knowing which ones are good, and then roll up your sleeves and do the work to hand-submit to the good ones.

Directories that actually review your site and place it into appropriate categories can move your site up in the organic results because those directories are trusted. We know which ones are which, and we take the time to do it right so you can get on top and stay there for years to come.
Link Acquisition Services
There are three main factors that impact organic placement in search engines - Content, Links and Spider Friendly Navigation. Of the three, links are by far the most valuable and the most difficult to acquire.

It is a never-ending process and the key is in knowing which links will help move you up and which ones will not help and may even hurt.

We know the good from the bad and we have the resources to perform the work at a cost that is affordable and verifiable. Each week we send you reports so you can see who we contacted, with what proposal and why.

Did I mention we are good at linkbating?
PPC Management
Want fast traffic? Buy it. The trick is knowing how to get a return without having to do nothing else but manage the campaign.

We have the software and the manpower to develop an effective strategy, monitor the stats and split test the ads until we achieve the kind of results that you thought only OTHER people got.

The trick to PPC is that it takes a lot of work and most people simply can’t justify the cost in time or money. But with outsourcing to us, we eliminate the hassle at a cost you can actually turn a profit with.
Article Distribution Services
If you are exhausted from wasting hours submitting articles manually, then we are here to help you. We have a team of experienced article submitters.

For only $80, we will distribute your article *manually* to 100 high PR Article Directories.
We can even distribute the articles under your own account at the different article directories.

What you get Submission of articles under your own username and password at the different article submission sites.

If you want us to enter your own login details for the different article submission sites, we will submit all articles under your own account, and you can view and edit them later.

Submissions according to the provisions and niche of the different websites.

Not all sites allow content links, only a few sites allow html links in both the article and the resource box. Others only allow direct links, or want links specified with different code. We will make sure to follow the rules of each article directory.Article submission Service starts as low as with $80. This service is also provided as an ongoing SEO process with all maintenance programs we offer.

For More Information contact us :
Keyword Research Services
Our Keyword Research Services begin with an overall catalog of keywords for which you are seeking top placement. We research this list using our unique methods and find out if searchers are using these keywords for searches.

The ultimate aim of our keyword research services is to dig out the precise terms or phrases that get people to your site (the niche terms). Ror example, "Cricket Match analysis" may be a better term to optimize for than "Cricket Match." The precise terms make all the difference because if you have the precise terms or phrases, you can expect much higher conversions and get better targeted viewers.

Once we create a list of target keywords, we research what other websites turn up for each term. We conduct our research on several search engines to discover all sites that turn up for the targeted keywords. Then we examine the top listed sites to help us resolve the level of complexity in gaining a peak listing for a particular keyword.

Keyword Research Activities

• Keyword list research and execution
• Keyword research using top notch tools
• Keyword Competitive Analysis
• Extensive Competitive Analysis with different search Engines
• Top 10 Competitors Keyword Analysis
• Expert Suggestions and Reporting with KEI( Keyword Effectiveness Index)

Our Services Starts at Only $99

We also offer this service as an ongoing SEO process with all our SEO maintenance plans.

For more information contact us :
Link Building Services
Our link building experts conduct research on sites related to high KEI ( Keyword Effectiveness Index) keywords, search keyword-related sites and contact them requesting a link on your behalf.

We run a separate Link Building Department because it is vital to website promotion.

Our efforts to secure quality, on-theme links include:

• One-Way Linking
• Two-Way Linking (Reciprocal)
• Three-Way Linking
• Directory Submissions
• Creatation and Distribution of Articles and Press Releases
• Blog Posts Home Page Linking
• Custom Blog Creation and Maintenance and set up RSS Custom services based on your instructions
• Custom link baiting strategy development and implmentation
• Embedded Links and Content Hosting

Link Building Process:

We categorize this process in four Stages:

• Initial Preparation
• Research and Analysis
• Development Process
• Ongoing Enhancement and Monitoring

1. Initial Preparation

• Creation of link and link text
• Creation of different anchor text
• Creation of subject-specific link text and descriptions.
• Creation of report of link popularity check on the client site

2. Research and Analysis

• Present Link Analysis
• Competitors' Analysis
• Industry Specific Sites Analysis
• Qualified link sites

Present Link Analysis

• Carry out link popularity searches on Yahoo and Google
• Trace website URLs currently linking

Competitors’ Link Analysis

• Carry out competitors’ link popularity searches on Google and Yahoo
• Documentation of all linking URLs

Industry Specific Sites’ Analysis

• Search Google and Yahoo for industry-related terms that would be predictable to produce industry sites, as   opposed to actual service providers/manufacturers.
• Documentation of all websites found

Qualified Link Sites

• Go through list and add sites which are potential link targets to a target site's list
• Move through list and document the contact method to be used (

3. Development

• Present Link Optimization
• Fresh Link Development

Present Link Optimization

• Go through list of present linking sites and ask for a change to links and anchor text.
• Documentation of date of e-mail being sent and link content/explanation used

Fresh Link Development

• Go through link list and e-mail site owners with link text  to ask for a link
• Pursue expert link building practices
• Documentation of date of contact

We use our large network to secure on-theme links and content hosted pages.

4. Nonstop Enhancement and Monitoring

• Present Link Optimization Check
• Fresh Link Development Check

Present Link Optimization Check

• Run through present linking sites and verification of links on monthly basis
• Email to site owners of those sites where the links have altered

Fresh Link Development Check

• Run through target sites list and document those links added on monthly basis
• Email to the webmasters or re-submit to those sites where the links were not added

Link Building services starts with only a 50 hour minimum

For More information contact us:

Link building is a key part of any maintenance program we offer.
Onsite Optimization Services
We offer a wide range of SEO services, but everything starts from Onsite Optimization. Our Onsite Optimization Service contains the following process:

• Homepage/index page optimization
• Updating of meta tags
• Content optimization for description, titles, categories, etc.
• Monthly manual replacement of optimized content
• Optimization of the text links or anchor texts
• Optimization of site structure for easy navigation
• Creation of site map for better crawling of your site by search engines
• Creation of optimized description of site contents
• Creation of links or resource page
• Creation of reciprocal link exchange page
• Image text optimization and creation
• Spell checking of content
• Validation of HTML coding
• Browser checking
• Website load time
• Free report for all above activities

Onsite Optimization services start from $10 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours

For more information contact us:

Onsite optimization is included as an on-going process in any maintenance plan we offer.
Press Releases Services
One of the best ways to increase your online presence and visibility is Press Release Distribution.

Increase your virtual visibility, build product and service brand and increase traffic to your website with the Techndu Press Release Service.

Advertising and promotion is the most cost-effective marketing tool available, and it's the only part of a marketing plan that builds authority.

Our press release services are among the best on the Internet. We send out direct company news, including press releases, economic announcements, graphics, audio and video files and other time-critical business communications materials to a global audience of media, analysts and consumers.

Here are the highlights of our service:

• Press Release or Press note will be distributed via email   and/or fax to all major news media
• Distribution to all print media, national newspapers and   magazines, TV, radio and journalists
• Option of HTML, Design, Audio and Video files
• Specialized Press Release writing
• Optimization of your press release

Press Release Service pricing starts from only $100 for release creation and basic distribution. Of course we can customize any Press Release project to your specification

Also, our Press Release Service is included as an on-going SEO process with any maintenance program.
Social Bookmarking Services
We offer a powerful service for SEOs with our Social Bookmarking Submission Process.

This service is a simple alternative to getting traffic from different geographic locations which has direct impact on search engine positions. Manual social bookmarking is a simple, easy and hassle-free way of making sure your site is noticed and marketed in the subject-focused circle.

Google and other major search engines are focusing on content; the more places you have your content placed, the more traffic you generate. Now manual submission of your site with social bookmarking sites like Digg, blogthis!, and myspace will guarantee a heavier volume of appropriate traffic.

Our team ensures that all sites are first indexed for the intended target viewers, so only sites with a fitting page rank and pedigree are selected. It has been proven that submission of a site's content to social bookmarking sites can have a great impact on search engine position improvement. All links are strictly one-way and permanent. With the realization of content-perceptive search algorithms, and with the advent of more personalized search results for users, submission of your site's content to a social bookmarking site is a no longer a matter of trial and error.

Each bookmarking site has its own pros and cons, and it takes thorough research to determine ones are the most effective for a particular website. From the basic press release to comprehensive articles, all site content is checked before the proper site is choosen for submission.

Most social bookmarking sites are acceptable by search engines, and normally within seven days of submission links start to appear in all major search engines. If you are serious (or desperate) about your site's Link Building, SERP’s and Subject-Oriented Traffic, Social Bookmarking is a must.

Key Features

• We do all Social Bookmarking manually by trained staff members.
• You will get one-way and permanent links; no reciprocal link required.
• We offer 100% guarantee that our services meet the highest standards.
• We will provide you a free report to make sure that you fully recognize the impact and the usefulness of our social bookmarking submission process
• We submit your site to social bookmarking sites having a minimum PR of 2 up to a PR 9.
• We allow you to provide three exclusive titles and tags for nearly 125 social bookmarking sites


Our Social Bookmarking Process starts as low as $50 for up to 20 sites and is included as an on-going SEO technique with any monthly maintenance program
Content Article Writing & Distribution Services
Our Professional Content Writers will develop keyword-rich, high-quality, original content for your websites or Blogs. We don’t compromise the quality of your website's content, and deliver your readers optimized writing for their benefit which will guide them to your products or services.

Significance of Optimized Content Writing

Optimized content plays a key role in SEO, and keyword-focused, search-engine friendly content will draw visitors to your site.

At Techndu, our Content Writers not only help you to create keyword-focused content, but also provide you a presentable form of content on your website that is intended to not only improve search engine placement but more importantly, lead your visitors to respond to your offers.

We have a dedicated team of expert industry-trained content writers ready to create top-quality SEO Content, which will increase your traffic and sales. Our content writers are experienced in writing content for Websites, Blogs, Articles and Press Releases. They know which issues need to be addressed and how to attract mass readers using top-notch web content.

We write 100% Original Custom Search Engine Optimized Content for your website and give you all rights to the material.

We provide following services:

• Website content writing
• Press release writing
• Article writing
• Blog writing

Our pricing starts at $30 per page up to 200 words. This includes all research and basic optimization. With each original article produced we can also create similar, but never duplicated, content for only $5 more.

Our Article Distribution Process is included as an on-going SEO process in all monthly maintenance programs we offer.
Revenue Generation Process
The main purpose of a commercial website is revenue generation. In fact, we'd be so bold to say that if you are in business, then the only reason you have a website is to generate revenue.

Are you making enough money? Does this revenue cover its costs?

If your answers are no, then we can help.

We have found that there are VERY few websites that make $5,000 a month BUT, there are a LOT that make $500. So, making $5,000 a month on the web isn't that hard. You just need 10 sites making $500 a month each.

Regardless of your site's primary purpose, we have found that every website can increase its revenue by saying the right thing at the right time to the right people. In today's online environment there are a lot of ways of increasing revenue if you just know what is available and how to set it up properly. We do.

We have been working and generating revenue with the Internet since 1996, and we have probably tested every revenue-building source out there. Some are excellent, but many are not! We have researched and tested more than 10 different ways to effectively generate additional income from a website in addition to selling the primary product or service.

These are some ideas which are pretty well assured to generate more income from your site than you are doing right now.

Our top Revenue Generation ways are:

• Direct product sales
• Affiliate signup and sales
• Onsite directory installation
• Google Adsense setup
• CPA banner setup
• PPC set up
• Paid blog posts
• Yahoo Store setup and sales
• Amazon Marketplace setup
• Ebay Store setup and sales
• Auto responders setup
• Email courses set up
• Newsletter set up

We have displayed a list here freely, but it is just as essential to consider the right and timely implementation of these revenue programs. We can offer you our services and experience to set up programs and procedures that WILL generate more money. We can set them up, manage them and give you stats and reports that show you 24/7 how much you are making. Of course, all money and checks get sent directly to you. It's your site and your money. We just show you how to make more of it.


We can offer you our consultancy, where we observe your site and suggest revenue generation ideas and strategies. We also give you a proposal on how we can help to increase your revenue.

We will suggest:

• The most suitable revenue generation path, in detail, for    your website
• Recommended programs to use
• Recommended additions and modifications needed to be   done
• And, most importantly, how to use these revenue   generation paths

Some of our associates have earned thousands of dollars in extra revenue from our revenue generation process. The cost of the consultancy including the review and the strategy proposal is only $550

This service is included in all monthly maintenance programs we offer.
Directory Submission Services
The theory of web directories varies from search engine to search engine.

In short, directory submission is the process of submitting a website into the directories. The directories allow the Internet surfers to find the website without much trouble by organizing websites by related topics and related text.

The Web is flooded with tons of directories, but many are simply not the best choice for your site because they are irrelevant for your topic or theme.

Our Experts take the time to locate theme-related directories and find the proper category that can actually send converting traffic to your website. Finding the right directory and the right category based on your product or service provides the best chance of getting traffic that converts into sales for your website.

We provide hand submission of up to 6 different titles and descriptions for your site.

We find the right directories for your product or service.
Manual Directory Submission Packages
Alpha Plan- 170 Directory Submissions
Details: Submission to 170 directories from our directory list.
Price: $75.00USD
Highlights: Three different titles allowed, 170 directory submissions, detailed report once directory submissions are completed.
Beta Plan - 450 Directory Submissions
Details: Submission to 450 directories from our directory list
Price: $200.00USD
Highlights: Five different titles and descriptions allowed, 450 directory submissions, detailed report once directory submissions are completed,
Gamma Plan - 450 directory submissions - (60 submissions every 15 Days)
Details: Submission to 450 directories from our directory list
Price: $325.00USD
Highlights: 65 submission/15 days, your submission will run for 4 months (8 reports with list of directories where your site is submitted) Up to 10 different anchor titles, 10 different descriptions, 450 directory submission including fresh directories. Including niche directories list. (We will submit your site to general directories + Niche directories of your site's category. i.e. if your site is related to shopping than we will submit your site to shopping niche.)
Delta Plan - 720 directory submissions - (90 submissions every 15 Days)
Details: Submission to 720 directories (includes Niche Directories) from lists of directories.
Price: $485.00USD
Highlights: 90 Submission/15 days, your submission will run for 4 months (8 reports with list of directories where your site is submitted) Up to 10 different anchor titles, 10 different descriptions, 720 directory submission including fresh directories. Including niche directories list. (We will submit your site to general directories + niche directories of your site's category. i.e. if your site is related to shopping than we will submit your site to shopping niche.)
We're also very interested in hearing your mobile, Skype and Joost  ideas. - and more!

We know a LOT of people here with a wide range of skill sets. Ahmedabad, India, is home to several world-class universities and is fast becoming an outsourcing center able to rival Bangalore. There are a LOT of really smart, talented people here along with a strong IT community. Anything we can’t do in-house, we can find someone locally with very similar rates that we can call on.  WE CAN DO THE JOB! We can do it right, and we can do it on time for much less than you’d expect.
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